Tierra Colombia

The Colombian region of Meta, in particular, the municipalities of Mesetas, Lejanías, and San Juan de Arama have faced the consequences of the internal conflict in Colombia for many years. This, along with other reasons, has led the production and management of coffee crops in the region to be developed in an empirical and artisanal manner. Nevertheless, due to the conditions of the region in terms of altitude, climate, soil type, and the biodiversity of the area itself, there is great potential for the production of high-quality coffee.

The solution being presented through the project is based on the needs of the farmers and the surrounding communities, which will:

  • Increase the coffee growers’ digital skills

  • Engage youth as knowledge multipliers and solution creators

  • Provide real-time information and timely information based on farmer’s needs

  • Generate data that can be used by different stakeholders in the coffee value chain (including at the farm level), to make adequate decisions.

The project will implement an information and data-based platform with tools and information sources and practices adapted to the farmer’s needs. ICT adoption workshops for coffee growers, youth and women will also take place to help asses permanent needs, identify problems, and develop solutions.

The project will create “Innovation Labs” in two of the Schools and Farms already connected to the Internet, by Lavazza as well as in 4 local public libraries. These spaces will foster activities of co-creation, resolution of challenges, among others. In these Labs, new local Ag-Tech ideas will be tested. Youth will have a key role in these labs.

Implementing partners

MAKAIA, Lavazza Foundation, ALO&Partners, Microsoft Colombia, and Carcafé.


Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries

100 coffee-growing families are currently being certified in sustainable practices. 5 of those 100 farms will also have IoT devices installed in their farms, to generate additional data and information.



Colombia. State of Meta, municipalities of Mesetas, Lejanías and San Juan de Arama. Located between the Macarena and Sumapaz National Parks. A former epicenter of the conflict in Colombia, severely hit by violence and displacement.