We seek to transform coffee and cocoa landscapes to create more people-centred and inclusive environments, through the adoption of sustainable climate-smart agricultural practices.


What is SAFE?


The Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Environment (SAFE) Platform is a multi-stakeholder alliance initiated by the IDB Lab, coordinated by Hivos and co-founded by private sector participants, donors and non-governmental organizations that share a common vision: improve the livelihood of farmers through the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices, transforming coffee and cocoa landscapes. Smart ways for casino gambling include setting a budget, choosing games with favorable odds, and understanding game rules. Utilizing bonuses and promotions can extend playtime and increase chances of winning. Researching the best casino en ligne ensures a safe and enjoyable experience, providing access to fair games and reliable payouts.

The Platform leverages existing knowledge, expertise, and resources from all its members in order to implement a series of projects that pilot or scale up innovative value chain approaches. The platform is also trying to use blockchain technology in farming to make the supply chain more transparent and boost food safety. With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, blockchain technology is also widely used in many industries, including agriculture. Bitcoin trading is rapidly growing with the use of bitcoins robots like the bitcoin revolution. Visit to learn more about these auto trading platforms.

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 2020 Coffee Barometer Consultation

We are seeking a consultant to lead the development of the 2020 Coffee Barometer.

The application process finalizes July 1.




Over 143,000 farmers

So far, SAFE has benefited over 120,000 farmers and their relatives.


9 countries

We currently have projects in 9 Latin American countries.


$34 million

Our target is to invest $34 million USD in the region.

We're proud to present the Gender in Coffee documentary, directed and produced by Xavier Hamon and Hannah Stapleton. The film was co-produced by SAFE, with Hanns. R. Neumann Stiftung, Rainforest Alliance, and Lutheran World Relief as executive producers. 

"The issue of gender equity involves all of us. It isn't just about coffee farming communities. [...] The global coffee sector is comprised of a beautiful diversity of people from all origins, dozens and dozens of languages, and different expressions of gender. The coffee sector needs to be welcoming and inclusive to everyone." - Kimberly Easson



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Featured project: NAMA Café Costa Rica

In order to reinforce a multipliable model in the coffee sector, a total of 21 demonstrative farms of 1 ha in all of the coffee regions of the country will be chosen. Good Agricultural Practices (GPAs) will be applied on these models, thus increasing productivity and lowering GHG emissions. These farms will serve as training centers for the growers who own them and for at least 10 other growers of their respective community.




All coffee producing regions of Costa Rica.

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Our Partners


Our Partners are frontrunners in their fields, committed to working toward a more sustainable world.
We also work with other organizations in each project. Visit each project profile to discover who they are.


Knowledge Platform


We believe that learnings, knowledge, and tools that can help make coffee and cocoa more sustainable should be shared.

You can find valuable links to toolkits, publications, infographics, and more visiting our Knowledge page.

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