Climate Smart Coffee and Responsible Sourcing

Climate variability has severe impacts on rural communities in Guatemala. For over 120.000 farmers, coffee provides the main source of cash income; shocks to coffee based systems have devastating effects, leading to food insecurity in the worse cases. Despite the known challenges, solutions are isolated and structures to support farmers in adapting to climate variability are weak.


The proposed program will develop and disseminate tools to make coffee systems more resilient on farm level; the network consisting of industry and sector initiatives will be used to create awareness on beyond farm.


The expected impact is high; farmers in the project region have been isolated from technical assistance and interest in innovation in light of climate variations. There is a strong business case to the program as it is located in the most important coffee producing regions of Guatemala.


The project integrates youth in activities to create “agents of change”; a “farming as a family business” approach is applied, making sure that the intervention takes a gender sensitive approach.


Implementing partners

Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS) Guatemala.


Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries

The project aims to directly benefit 1,500 male and female smallholder farmers.



Santa Rosa, Guatemala.