Climate-smart cocoa

The project’s objective is to enhance the competitiveness of small-scale cocoa producers through access to precision agriculture technologies and innovative credit products.

ECOM is developing a specially adapted precision package for these producers. With the help of Yara International, the package includes fertilizer blends designed for each specific cocoa growing region. The package also includes a drip irrigation system, created by Netafim, designed for small-holder farms.

The project will make use of geographic information systems (GIS), drone surveillance, and satellite imaging to efficiently monitor farms and track changes in crop health over time.  

200 farmers will receive direct financing to implement these new technologies.


implementing partners

ECOM, Oikocredit, Grameen Foundation, and COSA.



The project will directly benefit 4000 family farms, of which, 20 percent are managed by women. All producers participating in the project will benefit from training on precision agriculture techniques as part of ECOM’s farmer field school for cocoa production. At least 200 farmers in Ecuador will receive loan financing to install specially adapted irrigation systems and apply new fertilizer blends.



The project will take place in coastal Ecuador, with the possibility of expanding to other countries in the second and/or third year of implementation.