Breaking Barriers

Through the application of innovative technology that connects farmers with each other and with supply chains, combined with on the ground training to deliver technical assistance to drive uptake of CSA solutions and compliance with Rainforest Alliance’s 2017 Sustainable Agriculture Standard to implement climate smart agriculture, the project aids the restoration of landscapes and climate resilience building in coffee and cocoa cooperatives.

CSA practices such as renovation, soil conservation for increased soil carbon stocks, reduced emission through improved methane and nitrogen fertilizer management, and landscape restoration through tree planting and natural regeneration, will be implemented in coffee farms in Oaxaca and Chiapas, and in cocoa smallholder farms in Oaxaca.

Toks, in addition to co-financing, will also be the purchaser of coffee and cocoa that can be certified to be sold in their restaurants.


Implementing partners

Rainforest Alliance and Toks Restaurantes.


Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries

800 coffee producers and 200 cocoa producers will be benefited directly. The coffee producers will primarily be from the Tacaná region of Chiapas, while the 200 cocoa producers will mainly be from the State of Oaxaca. Within this group of cocoa and coffee producers at least 100 women and youth will participate actively.



Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico.