Accelerating Gender Equity

The CQI’s Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) brings together coffee sector actors to better understand the link between gender equity and supply chain resilience. The goal is to ignite the coffee industry to invest in gender equity for a transformative, global impact. The project develops shared tools, methodologies, and data to measure the impact of gender investment in the value chain. It encourages actors to adopt a consistent, comprehensive commitment to more responsible sourcing. Finally, it lays the foundation for a community of practice to share knowledge and learn across initiatives.


In particular, PGE will create a packaged and tested design for gender equity investment and intervention, and a validated measurement framework. The measurement framework and gender indicators are built on existing measurement systems and can be integrated into PGE project design, COSA’s measurement framework, or other performance monitoring systems. These outcomes constitute much-needed contributions to the coffee sector and can be shared with platforms like SAFE or broadly with individual companies. In commodities with similar production systems, like cocoa, the methodology and indicators will be largely applicable.


Implementing partners

Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), S&D Coffee and Tea and PRODECOOP.


Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries

The project is expected to benefit over 3,400 direct and indirect beneficiaries. 900 people will receive household level trainings, and 20 executive staff members in PRODECOOP will be directly trained in integrating gender intervention work in their policies and practices. In total, PRODECEOOP comprises over 2,500 member farmers, who will be direct beneficiaries of any policy changes.



Northwestern Nicaragua (Estelí, Nueva Segovia, and Madriz).


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Project Methodology

This project methodology provides industry actors with a roadmap for managing a gender-related project in their own supply chain through a five-stage approach (defining, planning, launching, managing, and closing and/or integrating). 

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