Coffee and youth initiative mapping 

Despite the need for coordinated action to make coffee production attractive to the next generation of coffee farmers, little experience exists how to approach the challenge in an effective way. Existing initiatives are scattered, rarely coordinated, and experiences are not well documented nor communicated. Therefore, a comprehensive mapping of initiatives is needed, bringing together experiences and showing practical ways to get involved.

The mapping exercise is expected to generate the following outcomes: 

  • An analysis of opportunities and challenges to involve rural youth in agricultural activities, that support a fulfilling, dignified, and financially rewarding livelihood. Private sector youth initiative will be the focus of the mapping exercise. Best practices of NGO/public donor funded rural youth programs will be included as reference.

  • A comprehensive summary of existing youth initiatives in coffee growing regions of Latin America with exact locations and contact details (to be supported by HRNS and partners).

  • Up to six case studies providing insight into program setup, players involved, motivation for investment by private sector, sources of funding for the initiatives, lessons learnt and tools/methods applied.

  • A set of recommendations for strategies of private sector involvement to support youth engagement in coffee.


Implementing partners

Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung, Coffee Kids, and the Sustainable Food Lab


Direct and indirect beneficiaries

The results of the mapping exercise are expected to be shared with the industry, strengthening and creating youth initiatives across the region. 



The mapping exercise will review cases from Central and South America.