The Way Forward: Engaging the Next Coffee Generation

In addition to gender inequities, the out-migration of youth from rural areas and aging farming populations are also critical challenges affecting the potential of coffee farming families and their communities. One question remains unanswered: How are the issues of gender related to youth and an aging farming population? The answer to this question is not yet clear. To address this knowledge gap, PGE is undertaking a new round of research entitled, The Way Forward: Engaging the Next Coffee Generation.


The objective of PGE’s research is to provide a foundation to better understand youth engagement in coffee production and its impact on coffee industry outcomes; to communicate findings; to develop recommendations for action; and to spur interventions and changes to policies and practices across the industry. A key aim of this effort will be to build consensus for the reasons and the need to act.


This approach comprises four key components:

  • A comprehensive literature review

  • Participatory workshops

  • Current practice review

  • Industry input


Implementing partners

CQI Partnership for Gender Equity


Direct and indirect beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of PGE’s research include roughly 60 youth and members of older generations who will be able to attend the participatory workshops, as well the readers of the final product.



To complement the remote investigation process, PGE will select four countries in which to conduct the participatory workshops. While one workshop is expected to be held in each of the four coffee growing regions, Central America and Mexico, South America, Asia, and East Africa, the specific countries in the regions have not yet been selected.