R&R Interactive Guidebook

Coffee farmers rely on productive and resilient trees to remain in the market and sustain their livelihoods. Yet, disease, age, and climate change threaten the ability of current trees to keep up with growing demand. In order to meet future demand and improve farmer livelihoods without expanding the spatial footprint of coffee into forested areas, immediate action is needed to support the renovation and rehabilitation of existing coffee farms to sustain and enhance productivity.

Members of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge’s Collective Action Network have set a joint commitment to sustainably renovate/rehabilitate 1 billion trees, as well as develop support tools to guide the industry to more investment in R&R.

To jump-start these efforts, USAID funded the development of a Guidebook, which was publicly released in October 2017. The Guidebook provides useful insights that can help companies that have R&R efforts underway, refine, enhance, and scale their programs, while it can also provide tangible guidance to industry members who are interested in supporting R&R but don’t know how.

To increase usability and visibility of this resource, the Guidebook will be converted to an interactive online tool that will enable the industry and government to support NGOs to quickly evaluate the best options for their supply chains and beneficiary groups.


Implementing partners

Conservation International


Direct and indirect beneficiaries

By translating the current Guidebook into an interactive, easy to navigate tool, more companies, governments, and NGOs can make new commitments to R&R or increase the effectiveness of existing programs.



The R&R Interactive tool will be available online for smallholders and industry leaders. Through the participation in industry forums, the tool will be showcased in discussions and interactive opportunities with audiences.