Gender Mainstreaming within Coffee Producer Organizations

The project has an approach that includes 3 interrelated trajectories:

  • Institutionalization of gender approach

  • Empowerment of women

  • Construction of partnerships among men and women


A Gender Discussion Committee will be created as a space for continuous group discussion and analysis. It is expected that it will significantly contribute to the definition of feasible gender mainstreaming approaches, which could be piloted by the SAFE Platform and the involved stakeholders in the intervention strategy later on.

The learning trajectory is based on existing successful experiences that will be identified within Central America. Through virtual meetings, cases will be analyzed to identify the key success factors.


Gathering all the shared experience, a workshop will be organized in the beginning of 2018 in San Salvador to explore in depth the case studies of the most impacting cases. This workshop will generate the essential elements to systematize later on the integrated approach and/or guide of best practices.


Implementing partners



Direct and indirect beneficiaries

The outcomes of the project are intended to be adopted by coffee producer organizations.



Central America (although, examples from South America will also be analyzed).