Producer & Roaster Forum: Celebrating producers in Guatemala

Connecting producers with roasters will be always welcome, especially when face-to-face interactions take place in producing countries.

Climate Smart Coffee project in Santa Rosa, Guatemala. Photo: Anthony Marten

Climate Smart Coffee project in Santa Rosa, Guatemala. Photo: Anthony Marten

Last May, ANACAFE hosted the III Producer & Roaster Forum, an event organized by Perfect Daily Grind. Yave and Guatemalan Coffees supported this year’s edition.

Producers from several Central American countries gathered with roasters from the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It was a very straightforward event, with the first blockchain auction serving as the highlight of the event. Over 20 Guatemalan coffees were auctioned. With rankings above 85 on the SCA scale, the auction started with a base of $4.25/lb. With one of the final prices exceeding $10/lb., we can start to see that specialty coffees has a high value appreciation that does not necessarily follow the coffee market rules.

The two-day event took participants on a world trip around exporting destinations, enabling producers to capture a better sense of the consumption trends in consolidated and emerging consumer countries. Particular attention was put on regions like Middle East, Australasia, and the Mediterranean.


For us at SAFE, it was fulfilling to see producers representing regions linked to our projects, such as Santa Rosa in Guatemala, or Jinotega in Nicaragua. Many participants referred to initiatives led by our partners, which also makes us proud of the impact and the effects of our partners’ work. It was also a great place to teach about what we do. We shared information about these and other SAFE projects with the many participants attending the event by handing out printed copies of our Harvesting Transformation magazine.

Congratulations to Henry and the rest of the Perfect Daily Grind team for a successful event! We applaud this type of initiatives and encourage more actors to add their piece in order to #MakeCoffeeBetter.

Juan Pablo Solís