Reflections after the Global Specialty Coffee Expo

Between April 20th and 23rd, the smell of coffee filled the Seattle air. The Global Specialty Coffee Expo, hosted by the Specialty Coffee Association, was well underway.  Not only did we, at SAFE, have a chance to engage in the spirit of the event and discover new technological advances and social impact projects in the coffee sector, but we were also able to sit down with our Partners, both one-on-one and collectively, to review our past and upcoming work.

With the recent inclusion of four new projects to our Platform, we are reaching more people and expanding the ways in which we are able to impact smallholder coffee and cocoa farmers in Latin America. Each project will generate valuable knowledge and insights. One of our main goals is to ensure that everything learned doesn’t disappear once projects finish, and also to make the most of these learnings by sharing information between projects. In order to achieve this, we presented our proposal for the Platform’s Knowledge Management System during our Steering Committee Meeting with our Partners.

This system outlines the mechanisms that will be used by SAFE to gather, analyze, and share information generated by each project. New forms of engagement with smallholder farmers, named Learning Initiatives, are also being developed. These actions will focus on specific topics, and the ways they will be implemented will be defined by each team taking on these initiatives. In the upcoming weeks, we will share information on our Learning Initiatives, and facilitate ways to sign up for one -or more- of them.

What else is new?

SAFE prides itself on being a platform oriented toward action, and also on allowing different actors to converge and work together to transform the realities smallholder coffee and cocoa farmers face.

During the Global Specialty Coffee Expo, new alliances sprouted, and we were able to create ideas on how we could make the most of our Platform.

One of these ideas is materializing in the form of a podcast on youth engagement in the coffee sector. We will be teaming up with the Generations and Coffee Kids projects, managed by Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung, for this first podcast.

Not only do we plan on starting a series of podcasts, but we are also exploring new communication channels with and between our projects and Partners.

We would like to thank everyone that was able to join us during the Global Specialty Coffee Expo. Hopefully, during our next Steering Committee Meeting at Sintercafé, we will be able to share and reflect more on the impact our Platform is having on the coffee sector.